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GEN BUS 360: Workplace Writing and Communication (Spring 2022)

About this Guide

This guide to APA citation follows the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. It begins with principles, tips, and explanations to help you better understand the rules of correct attribution and citation. Then we provide examples of how to cite a variety of sources both in text and on the References page. 

Wherever necessary, we offer multiple examples depending on where a source is accessed and what information is available. For example, under newspapers, we show you how to cite whether you read the article in print, on the web, or inside of a library database, and what to do if there isn’t an author.

In addition, this guide provides examples for two types of in-text citation parentheticals: with attributive tags or end-of-sentence; the order is always attributive tags first and end-of-sentence second. Following each set is an example of the References entry, which corresponds to both types of in-text citations.

Pro Tip: Starting the References page immediately and maintaining it as you include sources in your drafts will save time and frustration later in the revising/final draft polishing process.

Content Credit

Content on this page was created by the Business Communication team at the Wisconsin School of Business.