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GEN BUS 360: Workplace Writing and Communication (Spring 2022)

General Website, Non-government Website

Note: including an attributive tag that mentions your company’s website will help readers distinguish between the company’s website and their social media sites.


Specific Information Quoted or Paraphrased from a Company’s Website

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REI (n.d.) wrote with pride about their lack of shareholders and how “with every purchase you make with REI, you are choosing to steward the outdoors.”


The company website explained that their “purpose is to awaken a lifelong love of the outdoors” (REI, n.d.).


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Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI). (n.d.). Who we are. Retrieved March 23, 2019 from 


Specific Information Quoted or Paraphrased from a Publication’s “About Us” Page on their Website

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The Wall Street Journal (n.d.) claimed in their mission statement that there is complete “separation between News and Opinion.”


The mission statement explained that “society benefits from a common set of verifiable facts and a broad set of voices that reflect our world” (Wall Street Journal, n.d.).


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Wall Street Journal. (n.d.). About us. Retrieved July 17, 2021 from


Overview of Company or Organization’s Website

If you are giving a broad overview of the website and/or professional organization and not citing or summarizing a specific page, cite it only with an end-of-sentence parenthetical.

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Recreational Equipment, Inc.’s (REI) website emphasized their passion for outdoor adventures (


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Because you did not cite any specific information or a specific webpage, this is not cited on the References page.

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