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GEN BUS 360: Workplace Writing and Communication (Spring 2022)

Job Advertisement

For a job website that lists the posting date in “x days ago” format, calculate the correct date and use that in the References entry. If “x” is “more than 30 days ago,” use only the year.


Job Ad from an Aggregator Website, such as Handshake, Indeed, CareerBuilder, etc.

In-text Citation Options

The first item listed under “Primary Duties” in the job advertisement for a zookeeper at Sarasota Jungle Gardens (2019) is “Communicate to Department Manager/Supervisor/Lead on a daily basis.”


Zookeepers’ responsibilities include responding to visitors’ questions (Sarasota Jungle Gardens, 2019).


References Page Entry

Sarasota Jungle Gardens. (2019).  Zookeeper [job ad]. 289e9379


Job Ad from a Company Website

In-text Citation Options

A job ad for a graphic artist at HBO (2019) required candidates to have “good inter- and intra-group relations skills.”


Graphic artists at HBO participate in “conceptual brainstorming and collaboration with VPs, Creative Directors and Producers” (HBO, 2019).


 References Page Entry

HBO. (2019, August 15).  Graphic artist—creative services [job ad].


Job Ad from a Professional Organization Website

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At the Cook Museum of Natural Science (2019), animal care associates must be “detail oriented, able to multitask” and possess “excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.”


A job ad posted on the website of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums showed that although animal care professionals work primarily to keep animals safe and clean, they are also responsible for writing detailed reports (Cook Museum of Natural Science, 2019).


References Page Entry

Cook Museum of Natural Science. (2019, August 26).  Animal care associate [job ad].

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