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GEN BUS 360: Workplace Writing and Communication (Spring 2022)

Date Retrieved for Website Reference Entries & When to Use “n.d.” (no date)

If there is no date, use (n.d.) and include “Retrieved [Month day, year], from…” in the References page entry. 


Situations Where n.d. is Appropriate

 Webpages that Could be Revised, Updated, or Renamed without Notice 

Common examples are company websites, professional organization websites, some news websites, etc.


World Wildlife Fund. (n.d). Oceans. Retrieved February 2, 2021, from


Blogs, Articles, or other Sources with Titles, but No Publication or “Updated on…” Date

This often indicates that the material is content marketing or an assembling of older materials to generate “new” content, so use with caution as a source.


Three principles of effective communication. (n.d.). Actuarial Journey. Retrieved October 12, 2020, from

Saint Louis, C. (n.d). How to stand up for yourself. The New York Times. Retrieved January 16, 2020, from 


Sources Specifically Labeled “No Date”

Example (generic)

Author. (n.d.).Title of article. Title of Publication. Retrieved [Month day, year], from

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