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General Business 360 Research Guide


What is a Newspaper?

A major publication that

  • publishes daily or almost daily
  • offers a print edition
  • has an editing and fact-checking process
  • covers a range of international, national, local, and business news, as well as sports, fashion, food, arts, lifestyle, etc.
  • lists reporters or staff writers on the byline
  • attributes sources in text and/or through links

See below for examples of major U.S. newspapers, which are appropriate and relevant for most research topics.


International Newspapers

Library databases contain articles from newspapers around the world. Avoid international newspapers unless your research purpose demands an international perspective. In other words, don't cite an Indian newspaper because it was the first result in your keyword database search on a general business topic. Do look for articles in Indian newspapers if you are researching, for example, a major Indian conglomerate like the Tata Group.


Wire Services and News Agencies

The databases also include articles from wire services and news agencies. These companies provide syndicated news to various media outlets; until these articles are published in a newspaper they are not newspaper articles.

Some wire services, like Reuters, provide legitimate news. Others, such as PR Newswire, offer company press releases, which are not credible news.

The best way to avoid citing a problematic source is to use database articles from known credible sources, such as the newspapers listed below.