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GEN BUS 360: Workplace Writing and Communication (Spring 2022)


Podcast titles are italicized in the document’s body text; episode titles should be in quotation marks.


Individual Episodes of Podcasts

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During a podcast episode of The Indicator from Planet Money on crypotocurrency, cohosts Cardiff Garcia and Stacey Venek Smith (2018) explained that Dogecoin began as a joke.


Dogecoin, a type of cryptocurrency, began as a joke (Garcia & Vanek Smith, 2018).


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Garcia, C. & Vanek Smith, S. (Hosts) (2018, January 11). Such cryptocurrency. So amaze. [Audio podcast episode]. In The Indicator from Planet Money. NPR.


The Entire Podcast*

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Kathy Fettke’s (2013-present) The Real Wealth Show podcast aims to help new investors create a successful, and profitable, property rental portfolio.


The Real Wealth Show podcast provides advice and insider tips for creating passive income through investing in real estate (Fettke, 2013-present).


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Fettke, K.  (Host) (2013-present). The real wealth show: Real estate investing podcast [Audio podcast]. Real Wealth Network.


*Caution!  Be careful to only cite the entire podcast if you’ve listened to enough episodes to draw accurate conclusions about it as a whole. In many cases it will be better to cite information from the podcast’s website or “about us” page, which would be credited as you would normally cite a website.

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