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Lincoln Collection : Introduction

This guide serves as a basic catalog to the Lincoln Collection available at the U.W. Law Library.


The Lincoln Collection was made possible by a generous gift from Professor Ralph Cagle.

The collection includes well over 300 books, not only for adults, but a fair number of children's books, and DVDs for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Of his interest in Abraham Lincoln, and the donation of his personal collection to the library, Professor Cagle has this to say:

"I am very happy that the law school has accepted my Lincoln collection as a special collection of our library.  The library staff has done a terrific job of gathering, organizing, and cataloging this collection."

"Most Lincoln biographies give scant attention to his law practice.  This may give the impression that his law practice was not an important influence on his intellectual and professional development, but that is incorrect."

"Nothing more fully explains Lincoln's judgment, political philosophy, rhetorical skill and leadership than what he learned and did as a day to day lawyer.  Fortunately, Lincoln's  law practice is the most completely documented law practice in American history.  This collection captures a good deal of this documentation including the best of the scholarship interpreting how that practice influenced his important role in American history."

The Lincoln Collection is located in the East Wing of the library (Law Library Lincoln Collection, Quarles & Brady Reading Room, 5 East) where the iconic mural by John Steuart Curry "Freeing of the Slaves" resides which also bears witness to Lincoln's legacy.

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