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Korean Studies : Historical newspapers

Historical Newspapers 

  • 조선일보 아카이브(朝鮮日報 Choson Ilbo Archive) – Korean
    A full-text database of the Choson Daily Newspaper Archives from its beginning issue in 1920 to the present. This archive is searchable by keyword, journalist, date, and so on.

  • 동아일보 Database (東亞日報 Dong-a Ilbo Database) – Korean
    The Dong-A IIbo archive provides the articles published from the 1920s to the 1950s. Users could access most papers in PDF formats with login.

  • 한성신보 (漢城新報 Hanseong Shinbo) – Korean, Japanese (NetID required)
    It published in 1897 and ceased in 1906. The copy is a reprint and available at the Memorial Library.

  • Korea Integrated News Database System (KINDS) – Korean
    KINDS contains some historical daily newspapers, i.e. Kyŏnghyang 京鄉, Tonga 東亞, Sŏul 서울, and Han’guk 한국(1960 to 1989). It also covers 2 newspapers from the Japanese colonial period: 독립신문(Tongnip Sinmun 獨立新聞) and 대한매일신보 (大韓每日新報 Taehan Maeil Sinbo).

  • 경성일보 (京城日報 Kyongsong Ilbo) – Korean
    Image reproductions of the Kyongsong Daily Newspaper from its issue, 1907 to 1935. The articles are provided in PDF format and are not searchable.

  • Navar News Library – Korean
    It covers four major Korean newspapers: Dong-A Ilbo 東亞日報 (1920-1999), Kyunghyang Shinmun 京鄕新聞 (1946-1999), Maeil Business Newspaper 每日經濟新聞 (1966-1999), and The Hankyoreh한겨레 (1988-1999).

  • new 국립중앙도서관: 신문검색 (National Library of Korea: Newspaper Archive) - Korean, English 
    The archive collects over 90 historical newspapers in Korea between 1880 and 1950. Most of them in Korean as well as some in English. 

  • new The Korea Times (1956-2016) – English (NetID required)
    Users can study the progression of issues over time by browsing issues of The Korea Times, which offers coverage of 1956-2016, including news articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, cartoons, and more.

  • 독립신문 (獨立新聞 Tongnip Sinmun) – Korean (NetID required)
    It was the first privately managed modern daily newspaper in Korea and founded in 1896 and ceased in 1899. The copy is a reprint and available at the Memorial Library.