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This research guide will support you in discovering Chinese Studies resources at UW-Madison and beyond. The Chinese Studies Collection at UW-Madison contains over 210,000 physical volumes and other digital resources in the Chinese language. The collection also consists of large volumes and electronic resources in non-Chinese languages related to Chinese Studies. 

The Memorial Library at UW-Madison started to collect Chinese materials in 1917. In that year, a Chinese student donated some books and journal titles to our libraries. In 1965, the Memorial Library hired the first Chinese Studies librarian. 

With the development in over one century, the Chinese Studies Collection has emphasized Chinese history, literature, art, linguistics, and frontiers. The collection also developed the Women's Studies, economics, and foreign relations associated with Chinese Studies. The primary Chinese Studies books and periodicals are located on the 4th floor, Memorial Library. The Chinese rare books are located at the Special Collections. Other significant collections of Chinese materials are accessible at the College LibraryLaw LibraryMills Music LibrarySteenbock Library, Kohler Art Library, as well as the Wisconsin Historical Society Library.

What's New

Digital Resources

  • new BBC Monitoring (NetID required)
    From its inception in 1939, BBC Monitoring has gathered open-source intelligence from the world’s media, transcribing, translating, and summarizing global events. In partnership with the BBC, Readex is digitizing the BBC Monitoring: Summary of World Broadcasts archive, a collection of nearly 70,000 long-form media reports from 1939 to 2001.
    Trial period: 1/19/2023-3/18/2023
  • new Database of Chinese Local Records I-III (中國方志庫 I-III) (NetID required)
    It contains from Volume I to Volume III from Erudition (爱如生) with more than 10,000 local gazetteers from the Song Dynasty to the Republican era. It is comprised of more than 10 million pages of images and texts and is fully searchable by various methods, including region, title, period, or classification. Due to the limited number of users for the database, please log out when done in order to allow others access to the database without delay.
  • new National Population Census of China Database (中国人口普查数据库) (NetID required)
    The NPCC (National Population Census of China Database) contains authorized aggregated digital census data from China Statistics Press, the official publisher of the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China. UW-Madison currently provides access to data in the 7th National Population Census of China from 2020 and the 6th National Population Census of China from 2010. 
  • new 繙云文献-台湾文献 & 近代報刊 
    This new historical newspaper platform includes 台湾民报系列 (1920-1932) and 台湾日日新报 (1898-1944), as well as 民國日報、申報、中央日報、大公報. VPN is required when visiting from off-campus.
    Trial period: 1/11/2023-3/31/2023
  • new CSMAR: China Stock Market and Accounting Research Database (NetID required)
    This research-oriented database focuses on China's Finance and Economy and contains macroeconomic and industry statistics. UW-Madison users have access to China Industry Research Series (行业研究系列) and subdatabases in the China Economic Research Series (经济研究系列), covering Macroeconomic, Regional Economy, Industrial Statistics, County-Level Economic, Rural Finance and Economics, Education, Marine Resource Economics, Patent, and Culture Research.


Monthly New Books

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Events & Exhibits

  • What the Qing Empire Can Teach Us About Capitalism and Its Global History
    Stacie Kent, Boston College
    February 15th, 4:00 pm
    @206 Ingraham Hall
  • Understanding Chinese Pragmatics
    Wei Hong, Purdue University
    February 22th, 4:00 pm