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International/Global Affairs: An Undergraduate Research Guide : Nuclear Proliferation



About Nuclear Proliferation

This guide focuses on the proliferation of nuclear energy and nuclear devices, specifically weapons. Issues covered by the sources listed include: disarmament, terrorism, security, science and the responsible and peaceful use of atomic energy, and international treaties and nonproliferation efforts. Sources mainly cover the time beginning at the end of the Cold War, but include some historical information.

Try searching these terms using the resources linked on this page: "nuclear proliferation," "nuclear nonproliferation," "nuclear weapons" AND security, "nuclear weapons" AND "international relations," "nuclear weapons" AND "weapons of mass destruction," "Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty," "Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty"

The term "nuclear weapons" may also be paired with a specific country or geographic region: "nuclear weapons" AND "United States," "nuclear weapons" AND Korea, "nuclear weapons" AND "Middle East" 

Overview Resources - Background Information


Articles - Scholarly and Popular