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African Studies Portal - UW-Madison Libraries : Getting Started

Welcome to the UW Madison Libraries’ African Studies Portal. The purpose of this portal is to facilitate a fruitful exchange between the UW-Madison Libraries and students and faculty researching topics related to African Studies. We’ve created this guide as a starting point for your research. We’ve selected a number of resources that will inform your research and also lead you to other sources. Along the left-hand column, you’ll see that these databases, journals, print works, reference works, etc. are sorted into both general and area-specific categories. Another goal of this guide is to feature the many digital resources that UW-Madison students and faculty have access to in addition to the uncountable and invaluable print sources that we provide. Finally, we encourage you to explore our other pages that provide information on a variety of resources on and off campus.

Welcome! Bem vindos! Wayakurua! Namkelekile! Benvenuto! Kenang ka kgotso! Boyei bolamu! Sεkε! Miawoe zo! Mwaiseni! Bienvenue! Nnoo! Akwaaba! llKhorellhare! E ku abo! Le amogetswe! Karibuni! Welkom! Ngiyanemukela! Willkommen! Re a le aomgela! Bienvenidos! Sannu da zuwa!

Area Studies Librarian

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Kimberly Rooney
Memorial Library 278F
728 State St.
Madison, WI