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Journalism & Mass Communication Research Guide : JRR Physical Resources

This research guide will help you find resources for journalism and mass communication research.

Scholarly vs Trade Journals

What is the difference between a scholarly journal and a trade journal?

A scholarly journal is a resource in which original research is published by leaders in the field of study after it has been reviewed by other leaders in their field. Thus, scholarly journals are also sometimes called peer-reviewed journals because of this key moderating process. Because these journals are meant for industry or field insiders, the language used may be highly technical and the articles almost always include extensive bibliographies at the end.

Trade journals are sometimes called 'glossy' because they tend to have glossy pages and photographs to liven up articles that are meant to reflect the latest trends or happenings in an industry or field.  These articles tend to be brief, do not include a bibliography, and are written by industry practitioners. 

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Trade Journals

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