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Health Sciences Tutorials : How to Order a Document

How to Order a Document

This tutorial will take you through the steps of ordering an article, book, book chapter, report, or conference paper through interlibrary loan. This service is available to UW Madison staff, students, and faculty.

Step 1: Go to the Ebling Library website and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the popular links column click the first option “Article and Book Delivery.”

This is a screengrab of the Ebling Library homepage. It is at the bottom of the homepage. Under the popular links list there is an "Article and Book Delivery" tab circled in red.

Step 2: This should take you to a page titled “Delivery Services”. Since you are an affiliate of the university you will click on the link that says, "Place an Interlibrary Loan Request" which is the first option.

Step 3: If prompted, log in with your NetID and password. You will be taken to your ILL homepage.

Step 4: From here you will choose the type of request you would like to make. For a digitization of one article from a journal, one chapter from a book, or a conference paper, select "Digital Copy of an Article or Chapter." For a physical item, such as a book, a volume of conference proceedings, or a video disc, select "Loan of a Physical Book or Item."

This is a screenshot of the interlibrary loan webpage. It shows the option to request either a "digital copy of an article or chapter" or a "loan of a physical book or item."











Step 5: After selecting the correct request you will be brought to the request form page. Here you will enter, at minimum, the required fields for the document you are requesting, though the more information you provide the easier it will be to locate the materials. You should also note if there is a preferred language or if a color copy is needed.

Step 6: If you are requesting a physical item, make sure you have the right pickup library selected toward the bottom of the form.

This is a screenshot of the portion of the interlibrary loan request form where one selects a pickup library location.

Step 7: Submit the request at the bottom of the form.