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Health Sciences Tutorials : How to Order an Article Through a Database

How to Order an Article Through a Database

You may run across articles that do not have the full text available. In this case, you can request an article through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). This tutorial will guide you through this process when you are already in the database and have the article ready.

Step 1: Find the article you need that does not have full text. In this example, we will be using the article “Taking Care of the Hateful Patient.”

Step 2: After finding the article in your desired database look for the “Find It” button on the side of the webpage. Do not click the full text link of the publisher, since we already know we do not have full-text access.

Screenshot of article page in PubMed database with FindIt button boxed in red.

Step 3: The “Find It” button should launch you to a page with multiple options. From here you want to click the “Request A Copy” button.

Step 4: After clicking “Request A Copy” you will be directed to the ILL request page. You may first be asked to enter your NetID. Click the button to request a "Digital Copy of an Article or Chapter." After doing this you will be re-routed back to the request form.

This screenshot show the Interlibrary Loan Request page with options for request type listed. The option for a "digital copy of an article or chapter" is boxed in red.

Step 5: Fill out the forms with as much of the article information as you have. *You should make a special note if you have a preferred language for the article or if you would like it in color. Hit submit when done.

This is a screenshot of the article request form, with several fields filled in.