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Health Sciences Tutorials : Getting Access to UW-Madison Resources Off-Campus

Getting Access to UW-Madison Resources Off-Campus

This short tutorial will help you gain access to journals, e-books, and health-science databases in off-campus locations. In order to begin, you must have a valid UW-Madison NetID. If you do not, follow the tutorial on this page to activate your NetID. If you need assistance contact DoIT at 608-264-4357, or click here for more options.

Step 1: Select the database, journal, or e-book you would like to view in the UW-Madison library system. 

This is a screengrab of the availability of a cookbook. The text circled in red is the "view or reqest an issue" button. This is the screengrab of a patron placing a request on an issue of a magazine. Next to the issue number is a request button circled in red.

Step 2: After clicking on the resource you will be prompted to login with your NetID. Follow the link that says, "Login With Your NetID."

This is a screengrab of the NetID login page that will come after the request page. Circled in red is the button that reads "login with your NetID."

Step 3: Finally you will be presented with the campus NetID page. Enter your NetID username and password. If you need help using activating your NetID click the button at the bottom of the page under the "Need Help?" section. After logging in you will be re-directed back to the resource page.  

This is a screengrab of the UW-Madison NetID Login Page. At the bottom circled in red is the text that reads "Need Help?"