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BIOLOGY 152: Introductory Biology: IP-Finding Research Articles and Databases (Spring 2024) : Endnote Online

Log in to Endnote Online

Login to Endnote Online using your University email address.

Endnote Online Quick Start Guide

  • EndNote Online is an online research management tool.
  • Generate bibliographies relatively painlessly.
  • Free for students/staff/faculty - subscription is paid by the libraries.
  • Allows you to select from many citation styles when you are creating a bibliography. Be sure to select the style that is specified for your instructors when you create your bibliography. 

How it works

The Endnote online interface includes:

  • Master list of all citations
  • FindIT box presence in Master list
  • Organizational tools & groups

Create Groups: You can organize your citations into groups for different classes, assignments, etc

  • Click the Organize tab
  • Click New Group under Manage My Groups
  • Name the group and click OK

Add Records by Exporting from Web of Science:

  • Sign in to EndNote Online account (if not already)
  • Perform a search
  • Select record and Click Save to Endnote Online (from drop-menu to saving)
  • Set Record Content to include abstract (either Author, Title, Source, Abstract or Full Record) and Click Send.

Move New Records to a Group:

  • Return to Endnote Online
  • Look for the items you have sent in the Unfiled folder
  • Move records from Unfiled to the group you have created

Adding Records from Other Databases: Different databases export in different ways; look for export options to citation and/or bibliography managers. Ask a Librarian if you need help.  EndNote Capture is a useful tool to make this easier.

Using EndNote Capture: Installing Plug in: To make importing easier from databases and other Web pages that do not have direct export options, EndNote Online offers a tool for “capturing” references.

  • Click the Downloads tab
  • Drag the Capture Reference button to your bookmarks bar (favorites bar or toolbar)
    Note: For some browsers, you may need to right-click and select to “add to favorites” or “bookmark this link”.

Using EndNote Capture: Grabbing References
To use it, browse to a page you like and click the Capture Reference button. The Capture Reference window will open.

  • Edit (as need be) the information that is to be captured
  • Select the group destination
  • Click Save to

Capturing Reference from PubMed:

  • Open PubMed and run a search
  • Select article record (either by ticking box or in full record view) and click the Capture Record button from bookmarks toolbar
  • Review information as parsed to fields in the Capture New Reference pop-up window
  • Select the destination Group (optional and can be done later while managing content from the unfiled group within EndNote)
  • Click Save for

Create references and bibliography in Word:

  • In EndNote Online, go to Downloads→Cite While You Write. Download and install the Windows or Macintosh plug in for Microsoft Word
  • Open a Word document and go to the EndNote tab (if the Word add-in was just added, you may need to close and re-open word)
  • In “Preferences”, open the “Application” tab. Select “Endnote online” from the Application: drop down menu. Enter your EndNote online login and password.
  • In the Style drop down menu in the middle of the EndNote Plug in menu, select the appropriate reference style for your project. Click on Select Another Style to bring up the full list of available styles. For the IP, the required style is Council of Science Editors-Name Year or CSE Style Manual N-Y
  • Click on “Insert Citations” on the left-hand side of the EndNote plug-in display. Search the box using title, author, or any other information from the citation. Click on the article(s) you want to cite and hit ‘enter’
  • A formatted citation will appear in your document as the start of your reference list, and a formatted in-text citation will appear in the body of your document.
  • Continue to use “Insert Citations” to add in-text citations and reference list citations

Create a copy/paste bibliography from EndNote Online:

  • In EndNote Online, click on Format → Bibliography
  • Select a group
  • Select “Bibliographic style” Council of Science Editors-Name Year or CSE Style Manual N-Y
  • Select “File format” and desired option (HTML recommended)
  • Click desired output (Preview & Print” or copy/paste into Word or other document)

Additional Resources