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BIOLOGY 152: Introductory Biology: IP-Finding Research Articles and Databases (Spring 2024) : Articles with Online Supplemental Material

Articles with Online Supplemental Material

Read your articles carefully! Sometimes, the authors/publishers make additional materials related to the research available online. These materials can include:

  • Expanded methodology
  • Extended figures
  • Extended or additional data tables
  • Raw data in Excel (or other) format


How do you know if your article makes supplemental data available to the reader?

  • This information is often at the end of an article, after the References list. Look for anything labeled "Supplementary Materials".
  • Example 1: "Plant pathogenic anaerobic bacteria..."
  • In this example, both the PDF version of the article and the online version of the article provide an explicit link to the additional materials after the References section.


Sometimes, you will need to hunt around a little more:


Remember, if you have questions, ask your TA or a librarian!