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Study Aids on Reserve, located at the circulation desk. : Home

Comprehensive list of study aids and guides available on Circulation Reserve organized by subject. All the items are kept behind the circulation desk on the fifth floor of the law school library.

How to use this guide

This is a guide meant to help you find study aids that will help you better understand a new subject.  Before clicking on a different tab, check out the list below of popular study aid series and determine which one may be of interest to you.

Study aids are listed under their subject.  Click on a subject heading, and you will find at least one study aid that is located in the Law Library's reserve collection, located behind the circulation desk on the fifth floor (right near the entrance).  This list strives to be as complete as possible, but there may be other study aids available.   

Looking for a Subject that isn't listed? Check at the circulation desk or in the Library Catalog for other more specific subjects and study aids.

After you have found the aid you are looking for, simply ask the staff at the circulation desk to retrieve it for you for check out.  All the aids on permanent reserve (meaning it is kept behind the circulation desk) can be checked out for 24 hours. 

Be sure to check in the Law Library stacks for older editions of the study aids that may be checked out for longer, and for other treatises on the subject you are reviewing.

Still not finding a study aid you want? Try reviewing the Academic Enhancement Program's list of study aids.

If you have any questions, please ask us!  You can chat with us using the icon to the right, or contact us in any number of ways.  We are happy to help!

Popular Study Aid Series

Each Link below will take you to a University of Wisconsin Library Catalog page that lists all the editions and books that UW owns of that specific series.

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UW Law Library Reference Librarians


Law Group


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