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Madison Teaching & Learning Excellence Faculty Learning Community : Learning Assessment Techniques

Learning Assessment Techniques

The following texts include an excellent range of formative assessment activities you can explore for many different learning contexts. The majority of these texts are immediately available in e-book format through the UW-Madison libraries. We recommend engaging with the contextual overviews in each of these texts, as they do a great job of unpacking the motivation and research base behind the practices described.

If you'd like to explore the techniques by themselves in a sortable and filterable spreadsheet, we have incorporated descriptions of activities from the books listed below into a large learning assessment techniques database. Where UW-Madison has access to the e-books in question, we've included direct hyperlinks to each activity's full walk-through in each text. (You'll need to log in to your libraries account first for these links to take you straight to the page in question.)

Learning Assessment Techniques Collections