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Madison Teaching & Learning Excellence Faculty Learning Community


This guide contains some of the books and other resources that MTLE Fellows have found to be particularly useful. Our aim is not to create an exhaustive list of all available texts, but to highlight informative and practical tools that are also easy to access so that you can quickly assess which of them are most suited to your needs. (MTLE Fellows: We're always happy to talk about additional texts not included on this list that you may find relevant.)

In this guide, we've prioritized:

  • Books that we, MTLE fellows, CTLM colleagues, and campus partners have recommended for their clarity, practicality, and applicability.
  • Books that are available online and that are free to access through the UW-Madison libraries or other means.
  • Books that we have in hardcopy on the MTLE bookshelf and can happily bring to our next weekly session for you to borrow.

This guide is a work in progress: we are constantly revising and updating it. If you've found a resource you'd like to recommend for inclusion in this list, please let us know! (Our amazing colleagues at the libraries have been incredibly responsive to purchase requests for ebooks, so we will also do our best to expand access to useful resources through this avenue.)


Use the labeled tabs on this course guide page to explore published books and other resources related to teaching, learning, and mentoring.

Additional Resources

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