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Chicanx & Latinx Topics : Getting Started

This research guide provides an introduction to Chicanx & Latinx topics & resources at UW-Madison and beyond.

About This Guide

This guide provides an introduction to resources for undergraduate research related to Chicanx & Latinx (a gender neutral way to represent Chicaco/a, Chican@, Latino/a, and/or Latin@) topics. Print and online sources represent interdisciplinary topics covering, but not limited to, history, culture, politics, and socio-economic factors related to the Chicanx & Latinx experience.

Click the tabs to the left to find specific books, articles, newspapers, etc. covering Chicanx & Latinx topics as well as tips for how to find other items.

Chicano Park, San Diego, CA. Photo by kellinhandbasket via Flickr via CC 3.0 License.

Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison

Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program Library
The Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program Library, recently organized in 2005, holds a collection of print and audiovisual items. To find these materials, search the UW-Madison library catalog


Undergraduate Certificate and Graduate Minor
Chican@ and Latin@ Studies is offered as both an Undergraduate Certificate (equivalent to a minor) and a Graduate Minor at University of Wisconsin-Madison.