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Chican@ & Latinx Topics : Getting Started

This research guide provides an introduction to Chicanx/Chican@ & Latinx/Latin@ topics & resources at UW-Madison and beyond.

About This Guide

This guide provides an introduction to resources for undergraduate research related to Chican@/Chicanx & Latin@/Latinx (gender neutral ways to represent Chicano/a and Latino/a) topics. Print and online sources provided as well as places to search for sources represent interdisciplinary topics covering, but not limited to, history, culture, politics, and socio-economics.

Click the tabs to the left to find specific books, articles, newspapers, etc. as well as tips for how to find other items.

Chicano Park, San Diego, CA. Photo by kellinhandbasket via Flickr via CC 3.0 License.

Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison

Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program Library
The Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program Library, organized in 2005, holds a collection of print and audiovisual items. To find these materials, search the UW-Madison library catalog


Undergraduate Certificate and Graduate Minor
Chican@ and Latin@ Studies is offered as both an Undergraduate Certificate (equivalent to a minor) and a Graduate Minor at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Getting Research Assistance

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Trisha Prosise
College Library in Helen C. White Hall