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Awards for Law School Faculty and Staff : Home


This guide from the UW Law School Faculty and Staff Awards Committee is designed to help faculty and staff identify awards for which they and their colleagues may be eligible.

Awards are organized by category, although some awards appear on multiple pages if they fall into multiple categories. Each item includes a link to the award's website and a brief description of the award. If information is available on when nominations are due, it will appear as “more...” under the description. 

Although we will strive to keep the page up-to-date, we cannot guarantee that each award listed will be given out on an ongoing basis.  Please contact Bonnie Shucha to report if award information is no longer current.

If you are aware of an award for which law faculty or staff may be eligible that is not included in this guide, please also contact Bonnie Shucha.  

For news stories about law school and campus awards, see: