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F&W ECOL 515: Natural Resources Policy (Spring 2021) : Need More Assistance?

Whom to contact when

Either method is great!

Either emailing the librarians on the right, or using "Ask a Librarian" (linked in the box below) works for contacting librarians, for any topic!  We will do our best to get you started. The most important thing to do is ask! But there are some differences in turnaround time and expertise of library staff responding to the two channels.

Contact a librarian for this course (listed on the right) when...

  • You don't need an immediate answer. Email is slower than chat, and there are only two of us listed on this page; there are about 30 librarians who staff the chat service in a week.
  • When you have a complicated question related to assignments for this class. Those staffing chat can get you started, but Beth and Karen are more familiar with the resources needed for this class.

Use the "Ask a Librarian" chat/text service (listed below) when...

  • You'd like immediate help.  "Ask a Librarian" is available the following days and hours.  Because the people staffing "Ask a Librarian" have a variety of specialties, they may not be able to answer your question completely, but they'll do what they can, and refer you to a specialist.

Ask a Librarian


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Government information librarian

Beth Harper's picture
Beth Harper
Memorial Library
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Government Information Specialist

Steenbock Librarian

Karen Dunn's picture
Karen Dunn
Steenbock Library;
Science & Engineering Libraries (SEL)

I am happy to schedule consultations!