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F&W ECOL 515: Natural Resources Policy (Spring 2021) : Law reviews & legal decisions (judiciary)

Law review articles

Law reviews are articles published by law schools. They are not court cases.   You can search for law review articles in the following library databases:

  • Google Scholar  
    1. Use the "advanced search" by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, and selecting Advanced search in the drop-down menu.
    2. Type words that describe your subject in one of three boxes:
      • the "with all the words" box (automatically connects each word with "AND")
      • the "with the exact phrase box" (automatically searches your terms as a phrase)
      • the "with at least one of the words" box (automatically connects each word with "OR") 
    3. Type the words law review in the box next to "Return articles published in."
  • Law Journal Library (Hein Online)
    • To search for articles from law reviews, in the "full text" search box, type your search words, the word AND, and the words "law review" in quotation marks.
  • Nexis Uni
    1. Look for heading "What are you interested In?" under "Guided Search" on the left.
    2. Click Law Reviews.
    3. Click in the box under "...Search in all Law Reviews for" and type your search term(s).
    4. Optional: click Just the latest under the heading "Choose Date range" and select a different date range.
    5. Click Search.

Spotting legal citations

At the most basic level, a citation to a legal case looks like this:  ________ v. ________

Here's a complete citation to a legal case:  Brown v. Board of Education., 347 U.S. 483 (1954). 

Component of the citation Brown v. Board of Education 347 U.S. 483 (1954)
Component refers to Parties Volume Name of "reporter" (publication) decision is published in page number decision starts on year

Finding texts of legal decisions/cases

To help you find the texts of legal decisions (aka "case law,") the UW-Madison Law Library recommends searching...

  • Google Scholar  
    • You can limit to case law/legal decisions by clicking the button next to Case law under the main search box.  


  • Nexis Uni (Subscription database; available on- and off-campus to UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff.)
    1. Look for heading "What are you interested In?" under "Guided Search" on the left.
    2. Click Cases.
    3. In the box to the right, labeled "Which jurisdiction?" Federal Cases will be selected by default.
      • If you want to search federal cases, don't click anything in this box.
      • If you want to search state cases, click State Cases. A box will appear below; type the name of the state you're interested in.
    4. Click in the box under "...about" and type your search term(s).
    5. Optional: click All Dates under the heading "All Dates" and select a date range.
    6. Click Search.


The following guides have links to additional sources for case law/legal decisions...