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Social Issues: An Undergraduate Research Guide : Stereotype Threat



About Stereotype Threat

This research guide focuses on the psychological phenomenon of stereotype threat. According to Ngo and Lee (2007), "Stereotype threat research argues that when an individual's identity is associated with a negative stereotype, the individual will perform in a manner consistent with the stereotype."  Stereotype threat can be triggered when someone's identity as a member of a negatively stereotyped group is pointed out before or during a stressful situation. For example, this phenomenon can cause women to score lower on math tests just because of the myth that men are better at math.

Try searching these terms using the resources linked on this page: 

"stereotype threat"; Stereotype AND Social psychology AND Group identity; Stereotype AND Discrimination; Stereotype AND Performance evaluation; Stereotype AND Psychology; Stereotype AND Psychology of minority students; Stereotype AND Gender

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What is stereotype threat? This brief video offers a clear definition and introduction to the concept.