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Entrepreneurship Research Guide : Business Model

This guide is a collaborative effort between the Wisconsin School of Business and the Business Library.

One: Describe the business model

  • How will you earn revenue?
  • What will it cost to acquire customers?

Two: Sharpening the ability to develop a business model

  • Characterize the customer value proposition: Will you help customers get more done? Will you save them time? Money? Will you overcome their lack of skills or access to information/resources?
  • Making money: Describe the customer segment (demographic data, behaviors). How you will reach them? What kind of relationship you will have to them?
  • Costs: What resources (people, land, equipment) do you require? What activities will you perform to make your product/service? Do you need any partners?
  • Why won’t a competitor copy your product/service?

Three: Sample techniques/frameworks

Suggested readings

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