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Entrepreneurship Research Guide : Market Research

This guide is a collaborative effort between the Wisconsin School of Business and the Business Library.

One: Characterize the market and industry conditions

What is happening in the market you will sell into?

  • What industry are you in?
  • Is the market growing?
  • How will you differentiate yourself?
  • Why are you unique among your competitors?

Two: Sharpening the ability to evaluate the business context

  • What are the key technology, regulatory, and societal trends affecting your possible business venture?
  • How many customers can you reach, and what switching costs and other factors will drive their purchasing decisions?
  • # customers x price x frequency of purchase = market size $
  • Are there macroeconomic forces like recessions or expansions that might affect your venture or your customers?
  • What does the balance of power among suppliers, competitors, and buyers look like? Are barriers to competition strong? Or weak?

​Three: Sample techniques/frameworks

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