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Entrepreneurship Research Guide : Creativity

This guide is a collaborative effort between the Wisconsin School of Business and the Business Library.

One: Articulate your challenge

How might you enhance/create/improve/redesign/expand/re-imagine/grow…

  • What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • What is the impact you’re trying to achieve?

Two: Sharpening the ability to generate new ideas

  • Analytical – Deconstruct a problem into simpler parts
  • Search – Use experience and information to make unexpected connections to find existing opportunities
  • Imagination – Imagine solutions without constraints (“blue sky”)
  • Perspective change – Adopt the viewpoint opposite of what you believe or assume the identity of someone else
  • Relationship – Seek to make connections between unrelated objects/people
  • Group – Develop ideas with others or enhance their ideas

Three: Sample techniques/frameworks

Suggested readings