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Mexico’s Mass Disappearances and the Drug War (Ayotzinapa: The Missing 43 Students) : A y o t z i n a p a

This research guide was created after the exhibition Ayotzinapa: We Will Not Wither, held at Memorial Library from September 16 to October 30, 2015.

What will you find here?

In this section you will find:

  • Key Words and Resources to Help Your Research

Follow the Escuela Normal Raul Isidro Burgos Button For:

  • General Information about the Teacher Training College in Ayotzinapa
  • A Link to the Webpage for the Teacher Training College in Ayotzinapa
  • A Selected Bibliography Focused on the Lives of the Disappeared Students

Follow the September 26, 2014 Button For:

  • General Information about What Happened on September 26, 2014 when the Students were Disappeared
  • The Names of the 43 College Students who Were Disappeared
  • A Short Film with Recordings from the Families of the 43 Students and Images of Guerrero
  • Music Videos Created around this Event
  • A Selected Bibliography about the Event in Ayotzinapa and the Social/cultural/artistic Reactions
  • A Timeline of the First Year of the Ayotzinapa Disappearances (September 2014- September 2015)
  • A Downloadable PDF with Suggestions for Further Readings

Key Words

Some key words or terms that are common for this search:

  • Ayotzinapa
  • 43
  • Rural Teacher's College
  • Escuela Normal
  • #NosFaltan43
  • Forced Disappearances
  • Desaparición Forzada

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