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Second Wave Feminism : Video and Images

Researching the Women's Liberation Movement

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The Schlesinger Library for the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, has 36,000 images in the database ARTstorThey cover all aspects of women's lives in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Video's and DVD's

Videos in UW-Madison Libraries (links go to  the Library Catalog records for these videos):

Freedom is Contagious: the Women’s Movement and Students for a Democratic Society (1965-1969)
Explores the early history (1965-69) of the women’s movement that grew in the 1960s and 1970s, focusing especially on the interconnections with SDS. The video focuses on events and the thinking behind all the events, including the impact on men and their reactions.

The Heretics 
by Joan Braderman, No More Nice Girls Productions, 2009. Focuses on the Heresies Collective--which published Heresies; a feminist publication on art & politics from 1975-1992--as a microcosm of the larger international Women’s Movement.

Some Spirit in Me
Thinking Eye Productions presents; produced and directed by Eva Moskowitz, 1993. Shows the effect of the women's movement on the lives of several women of diverse backgrounds who came of age in the 1950s.

Step by Step: Building a Feminist Movement, 1941-1977
Wisconsin Public Television, produced by Joyce Follet, 1998. Traces the gradual emergence of contemporary feminism through the life stories of eight [Midwestern] women who helped make it happen from 1941 to 1977. Their testimonies weave an historical narrative of a mass movement evolving as personal experience yields political analysis and spurs social protest.

Women Now: National Organization for Women 
Produced and directed by Ellen Cooperperson; video production by Make Believe TV. Also: Yes Baby, She’s My Sir, 2007. Women now: relates the early days of the women’s movement through the activities of NOW and the experiences of its members; Yes Baby, She’s My Sir: examines the blatant sexism of our language at that time. Sisters of '77, is a film about the National Women's Conference, Houston, 1977.

Background about the Conference and the Film 
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