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Second Wave Feminism : Websites

Researching the Women's Liberation Movement

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Black American Feminisms
A multidisciplinary bibliography, compiled by Sherri L. Barnes.

Black Feminism and Intersectionality
Information on Black feminism, and specifically the works of Kimberle Crenshaw, Patricia Hill Collins, and Barbara Smith.

Chicago Women's Liberation Union 
Herstory project site includes text, audio and video memoirs, articles, documents, pictures, and more. herstory project site includes text, audio and video memoirs, articles, documents, pictures, and more.

Classic Feminist Writings
These are the articles, pamphlets, manifestos, and stories produced by the women's liberation movement that helped influence the thinking of CWLU members.

Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement 
An Online Archival Collection from Duke University Library, Special Collections Department.

FRAmes on GENder
​For the first time, core feminist texts from the second wave of feminism in Europe have been made available to researchers in an easily accessible online database.

Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution 
A project of the Jewish Women's Archive.

Marxists Internet Archive Library of Feminist Writers
Selected writings of feminists of each of the three waves of feminist political activity.

Miss America Protest, 1968
Photos and links to National Public Radio interviews with participants (Redstockings website).

Second-Wave Feminism
Information from the Khan Academy.

Voices of Feminism Oral History Project and Agents of Social Change
Both from the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College.