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Anthropology : Welcome

This guide presents resources and tips useful for students in anthropology classes. Topics covered include Ethnology, Archaeology, Folklore, Human Evolution, and Primates. There is also basic information about places to find statistics, images, and maps.

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Welcome/About the Anthropology Guide

Welcome to the Anthropology LibGuide. This guide is designed to cover the various facets of anthropology, including: ethnology/cultural anthropology, anthropological archaeology, anthropological folklore studies, human evolution, and primatology.

Please note that most of the resources listed here are also available from the Main Libraries Web Site.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Durkin. (Additional contact information at left).

Core Anthropology Literature Databases

All of these databases can be found in the Anthropology/Archaeology list of databases in the Database Library.

Finding Anthropology E-Journals

The lists below are good for browsing and searching collections of titles. If you are trying to find the e-journal for a specific journal title, please try the Citation Search tool, which provides links from a citation to the full text of that article, if available, and to other helpful resources and services.

Useful Books about Anthropology

Books about anthropology can be located by using a number of  different databases.

  • Try the UW-Madison catalog of what our libraries own.
  • Try the UW-System Search to see what is owned in UW libraries across the state of Wisconsin.
  • Try WorldCat to find books and other materials owned in libraries across the U.S. as well as many countries around the world.

Are you looking for book reviews? Try this library guide to Finding Book Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Where are anthropology books commonly shelved (what are their common call numbers)?

  • CC (Archaeology)
  • GN (Anthropology)
  • GR (Folklore)
  • QL700-QL739 (Mammals including primates)

Additional Literature Databases

Most of these resources can also be found in the Database Library. The Anthropology / Archaeology list may be particularly helpful.

Getting Dissertations

Using the links below, you have a variety of options for locating dissertations. Please note that UW-Madison dissertations are kept in Memorial Library. It usually takes up to a year for a completed dissertation to be added to the library collection. You can look for UW-Madison dissertations in the Library Catalog.

Anthropology Associations and Foundations

Anthropology News and Useful Web Sites

General Reference Databases

These resources, as well as a variety of others are available on the Database Library list of Reference Sources. They are general in scope, and not limited to the study of Anthropology.