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Researcher Profile Guide : Web of Science Researcher Profile

Web of Science Profile Support

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Web of Science Researcher Profile Overview

Web of Science Guide 

History of Author Profiles in Web of Science

Many researchers are familiar with ResearcherID or Publons. In April of 2019, Clarivate integrated ResearcherID into Publons. All previously existing ResearcherIDs were merged with their Publons profiles, allowing users to keep all their publications and metrics together. New Publons users will be assigned a ResearcherID as a unique identifier.
In August 2022, Publons was full merged into the Web of Science Platform and renamed the Web of Science Researcher Profile.

A full history of author profiles in Web of Science is available here.

Introducing Web of Science Researcher Profiles

The Web of Science Researcher Profile is where you can add your publications, track your citations and your verified peer reviews, and manage your Web of Science author record. It is important to claim and manage your record, to ensure that it is accurate within Web of Science.


Build your profile in Web of Science with the following steps: 

  1. View/claim your author record in Web of Science. This record is algorithmically generated and can be incorrect. Claiming it will make it more accurate
  2. Link to your ORCiD account (if you have one)*
  3. Add your publications from Web of Science 
  4. Add instances of being a peer-reviewer for journals

Tip: *Permitting your ORCiD account to automatically sync with your Web of Science Researcher Profile will help keep both profiles current. 


Web of Science Researcher Profiles have the following benefits: 

  • Links you to your publications, imported from Web of Science, ORCID, or your bibliographic reference manager (e.g. EndNote, Zotero or Mendeley)
  • Provides citation metrics, automatically updated based on the Web of Science Core Collection (and ORCID, if linked) 
  • Records, verifies, and showcases peer review contributions, and allows you to indicate your interest in reviewing for a journal 
  • Provides you with a downloadable academic record summarizing your scholarly impact metrics within Web of Science as an author, editor and peer reviewer 


Web of Science Researcher Profiles have the following limitations:

  • Not interoperable with other systems, aside from ORCID
  • Citation metrics are tracked for publications indexed in Web of Science only

Additional Information

A Web of Science Researcher Profile is freely available to use, and does not require subscription access to Web of Science. We do have full subscription access to Web of Science at the UW-Madison.

You can find full help information from Web of Science here.