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Researcher Profile Guide : Introduction

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In addition to our collections, UW-Madison Libraries provide support for all steps in your research process, from the planning stages through publication, archiving your output, and maximizing your scholarly impact.

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Introduction to researcher profiles

Researcher profiles link an individual with their research outputs, funding, and affiliations. Some profiles require registration while others are generated within literature databases, but all allow for manual management. Librarians can help researchers build comprehensive profiles to showcase their work.

Investing your time into building your researcher profile in relevant platforms will help you: 

  • Increase your online presence and make your research more visible
  • Broaden your research impact through shares, likes, follows and downloads of your work
  • Eliminate confusion over variants of your name and ensure your research is easily identifiable as belonging to you (not someone with a similar name)
  • Find and curate your citation metrics and h-index. *** For more information on metrics visit our Research Metrics guide 
  • Connect and collaborate with other researchers
  • Meet funder requirements

This guide discusses six major researcher profiles (but many more exist). If you need assistance with a platform not listed here, our librarians can still help.

Creating Multiple Profiles

Why it is useful to maintain a profile in multiple systems (such as a Google Scholar Profile, and ORCID, and a Web of Science Researcher Profile): 

While it does take an up-front time investment, maintaining multiple profiles helps make your work more discoverable in each system. For example, if you have a Google Scholar Profile you work will be more discoverable in Google Scholar, but your Google Scholar Profile will not make your work more discoverable in Web of Science.

Note -- ORCID is currently the only Researcher Profile system that can exchange data across platforms, including other profile systems, funders, and institutions. 

Recommended actions: 

  1. Create an ORCID profile
  2. Create and/or claim a profile in each platform where people would look to discover your work
  3. Link all your profiles to your ORCID profile 

Quick Comparison


Comparison of key elements across different researcher profiles

Web of Science Researcher Profile

SCOPUS Author Profile

Google Scholar Profile

Humanities Commons Profile 
Creates Unique Author ID (i.e. string of numbers) Yes Yes Yes No No
Unique features

Full author control of profile

Automated sharing of information with other systems (manuscript submissions, grant applications, and other profiles)

Author record and metrics within Web of Science

Permits automated data sync with ORCID

Author record and metrics within Scopus

Permits import of Scopus author data into ORCID

Google scholar is widely used and freely accessible

Scholar citation metrics include books

Social networking,

Connects to CORE repository

Maintained by

ORCID (non-profit)

Web of Science (Clarivate)

Scopus (Elsevier)

Google MLA (non-profit)
Provides research metrics No Yes Yes Yes No
Requires user registration Yes




*Creates profile automatically. Requires feedback for accuracy

Yes Yes