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Researcher Profile Guide : Google Scholar Profile

Using Google Scholar Profile

Google Scholar Profiles bring together an author's work within Google Scholar. You must sign up in order to have a Google Author Profile. Google Scholar profiles are private by default, but can be made public by users. When a profile is made public and has been linked to a verified institutional email address, it will appear when the author or articles by the author are searched.

Google Scholar the most widely used discovery tool for scholarly literature. Completing your Google Scholar Profile will make your works more discoverable in Google, and provide you with access to your citation metrics from Google Scholar.


Take the following actions to build your Google Scholar Profile: 

  1. Create a Google account (same as your Gmail account) if you don't already have one. Note -Using personal Google account than your UW-Madison G-Suite account allows you to access your account even after you leave the institution. 
  2. Sign up for a Scholar Profile. Note - adding your institutional email here will be needed to make your profile visible in Google search results. 
  3. Add your articles and manage update permissions
  4. NEW -> Verify that your Public Access page in Google Scholar is accurate. 
  5. Complete your profile



These are the benefits of creating a Google Scholar Profile

  • Make your work more discoverable in Google Scholar
  • Citation metrics include books and other works, in addition to articles
  • Allows people to 'follow' your work using the Google Scholar follow button
  • Allows people to find your Public Access articles



These are the limitations of a Google Scholar Profile: 

  • Google Scholar citation data can often be incorrect
  • Does not integrate with ORCID or other platforms