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Researcher Profile Guide : Scopus Author Profile

Introducing Scopus Author Profile

Scopus Author Profiles are meant to be a unique record of a researcher’s publication activity within Scopus. The details come from peer-reviewed articles and other publications that are indexed in Scopus (published in journals, books and other sources). Each Scopus Author Profile is automatically generated using an algorithm that extracts metadata directly from documents indexed in Scopus. The Scopus Author Identifier distinguishes among similar names by assigning each author in Scopus a unique number and grouping all of the documents written by that author. 

While you do not have to register to create a Scopus Author Profile, it is important to take steps to ensure your Scopus Author Profile is accurate. 


Take these steps to help ensure your Scopus Author Profile is accurate: 

  1. Go to Scopus Author Feedback Wizard. You will be prompted to create a Scopus account, or log in if you already have one. 
  2. Once you have located your Author Record(s) you can request to set a preferred name, merge profiles, update affiliation, and add and remove documents. Note - Scopus Author Profile only permits addition of documents that are indexed in Scopus.  
  3. Link to your ORCID account. This permits you to import publications and author details from Scopus into your ORCID account. It can help with accuracy of your Scopus Author Profile. 


These are the benefits of a Scopus Author Profile: 

  • Algorithmically updates with new publications
  • Brings together all your works that are indexed in Scopus
  • Provides citation metrics 


 These are the limitations of a Scopus Author Profile: 

  • May contain errors without ongoing author feedback
  • Should be checked regularly to ensure ongoing accuracy 
  • Cannot do automated data sync with ORCID, can only do one way import of data from Scopus into ORCID