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Researcher Profile Guide : Humanities Commons Profile

Introducing Humanities Commons Profiles

Humanities Commons is a scholarly networking platform maintained by the Modern Languages Association of America (MLA). It allows you to build an easy Wordpress profile site to share your academic interests, publications, and your works in Common Core. Since Humanities Commons is more like a social networking platform, it is less focused on publishing metrics and more geared towards connecting researchers with similar interests.

It can be helpful to create a Humanities Commons Profile if you are interested in connecting with other researchers in the Humanities, and contributing to the Humanities Commons Core (open access repository). 


Take these actions to build your Humanities Commons Profile: 

  1. Register for Humanities Commons
  2. Complete your profile 


 These are the benefits of a Humanities Commons Profile:

  • Creates a web page for you to showcase your work
  • Automatically displays your work from CORE
  • Allows you to connect to other researchers in the Humanities Commons network 


These are the limitations of a Humanities Commons Profile: 

  • Does not integrate with other profile systems
  • You have to manually add publications that are not in the CORE repository

Additional Information

On Humanities Commons, users can:

  • Share information about their education
  • Join Commons Groups where members share information and publications on certain topics
  • Upload CVs
  • List academic interests

One of Humanities Commons’ unique features is its open access CORE repository which is intended as an alternative to subscription-based journals and databases. All CORE deposits will receive a DOI and are hosted by Michigan State University’s digital preservation system, ensuring its long-term accessibility. In addition to journal publications, CORE also accepts course materials, code, conference papers, and more.