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Pharmacy Information Resources : Overview

Guide Description

This research guide provides resources and tools for conducting research in Pharmacy. The guide includes links to a number of resources available through the Ebling Library, including databases, journals, EBooks, and more. For assistance with your research, please reach out to your library liaison, Paije Wilson.

Select Library Resources


Below are some helpful services the Ebling Library offers. You can also access these from the library's HELP page.

  • Chatundefined : Instant message a librarian in real-time
  • Email: Ask librarians reference questions via email
  • Hours and Location: Access updated information about the Ebling Library's location and hours
  • Library Phone Number: (608) 262 2020

Ebling Library Homepage

The Ebling Library Homepage contains a wealth of information relating to library services, including links to databases, research guides, building hours, contact information, liaisons, and several other resources.


What's New?

"What's New?" written on a chalkboard

We now have access to Embase!

  • Embase is a biomedical database that includes sources on drugs and pharmacology, medical devices, clinical medicine, and basic sciences relevant to clinical medicine. It contains over 46.5 million records, 5.1 million conference abstracts, and over 8,400 journals.

Accessing Resources Off-Campus

1. Get Your Wiscard

Students can get a Wiscard through the University's Wiscard Office. For information on how to do this, visit this page.

2. Activate Your NetID

After you have your Wiscard, you will need to activate your NetID and password in order to use library resources from off-campus. To do this:

3. Access Resources Off-Campus

To access library resources off-campus you will want to access them either through:

  • One of the library's research guides, like this one
  • The library's web page

If you're not already logged in, clicking a link to the resource from any of the above pages will redirect you to a login screen, where you can enter in your NetID credentials. This will allow you to access links to full text materials that may otherwise be behind a paywall.

You can also access materials off-campus through the library's Bookmarklet Tool. Click here for information on how to access and use the tool.