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Nursing Resources : Measurement Tools, Surveys, Scales

Finding Measurements, Scales, Surveys, etc

Tests and measurements are tools used by a variety of researchers and/or practitioners to obtain evaluations of variables relevant to their area of study/practice. Example variables could be levels of depression or anxiety or the level of physical functioning of a patient. Tests and measurements can vary greatly in their configuration, as they can be oral, written, or just observational in nature.

How to Find a Test

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is determine what your needs are. Are you looking for a specific test? Do you need a test that measures a certain variable? Are you looking for reviews of a specific test? Are you trying to develop your own test?

Step 2. Identify what you are trying to measure. How are you defining the variable? Be sure that you have a variable that can be measured. Make sure the variable is the right scope for what you are doing; not too broad or too narrow.

Step 3. Identify measurement tools that meet the needs you've previously determined in steps one and two with the resources mentioned in this guide. Make sure the test is measuring the variable you've determined. Do you have the ability and/or instructions to administer this test? Does the test target the population you are working with? Does the test have good reliability and validity? Have you found positive reviews of this test? Is the test possible to obtain easily and/or inexpensively?


Ebling Library has created a "Health Sciences Tests & Measurements" resource guide to help you locate numerous health related tests, surveys, and measurements.  Included is a link to Tests in Print (TIP) where you can find examples of the MCAT, LSAT, or pharamcy entrance exam tests.