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Pre-Appraised Articles (Trials, Studies and Some Reviews)

ACP Journal Club
Scans more than 100 clinical journals for high impact clinical studies or reviews that “warrant the attention of clinicians.” Provides abstracts with results and commentary for each article included.

A free resource from BMJ that includes a database of the highest-rated articles from over 120 of the top clinical journals. Each article entry includes abstract and ratings (based on newsworthiness and relevance) as well as comments from the clinical raters.

POEMs Research Summaries  
The archived collection of 3,500+ regularly updated Daily POEMs. POEMs ("Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters") are synopses of new evidence carefully filtered for relevance to patient care and evaluated for validity, from continuous review, grading, and critical appraisal of all 3000+ studies published monthly in more than 100 journals.

Nursing Consult
Mosby's Nursing Consult is the most trusted and comprehensive online resource for nurses offering authoritative information to help provide better patient care.

  • Find answers quickly
  • Educate patients
  • Stay informed of new developments in nursing
  • Improve the quality of patient care