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Francophone Studies : UW-Madison

Scope Note

The purpose of this page is to show

  1. what kind of books UW-Madison faculty members have written,
  2. potential classes available to those interested in learning about francophone culture,
  3. former students dissertations and research, and
  4. other universities with strong francophone studies programs.

Books from UW-Madison Faculty

UW-Madison Courses

AFRICAN/FRENCH 440 African/Francophone Film 

Studies the construction of narratives in cinema and literature; teaches to analyze and write about cinema; explores links between cinema and national or regional politics and ideology; examines spectatorship in relation to questions of identity formation.

FRENCH 449 Francophone Modernity Studies

Topics in modern Francophone culture and literature with special emphasis on colonialism, slavery, diasporas, postcolonialism, and immigration.

FRENCH 472 French/Francophone Literature and Women

A study of literature by and/or about women, including theories of gender, in French and/or Francophone literary culture.

FRENCH 665 Introduction aux études francophones

Study of literary texts from diverse Francophone cultures (Africa, the Caribbean, Quebec) and the cultural and political dynamics between these texts and these cultures.

INTL BUS 313 Professional Communication and Culture in the Francophone World

Study and analysis of the culture and sociology of professional environments in the French and Francophone worlds, including government, international organizations, NGO's and business. Students develop communication skills through interactive teaching methods in multimedia labs.

 INTL BUS 314/FRENCH Contemporary Issues in Government, Organizations, and Enterprise

Cultural study of contemporary Francophone Africa, focusing on issues in government, organizations and enterprise. Exploration of cultural and professional relations between Francophone Africa and France, the European Union, and the United States.

Find further descriptions of these courses on the Department of French and Italian's website.