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Information for Federal Depository Library Staff in Wisconsin : FDL Discard Procedure for Wisconsin

Links to state and federal resources of use to Federal Depository Library staff at Wisconsin libraries.

General Information

As of January 2022, following a recommendation made by the Wisconsin Discard Working Group (created by UW-Madison regional depository librarian Beth Harper in November 2020), federal depository libraries in Wisconsin now use the Government Publishing Office's FDLP eXchange tool to offer materials to other depositories in Wisconsin before discarding the materials.

Selective depository libraries in Wisconsin do not need to post the following items in the FDLP eXchange:

The discard cycle is as follows:

  • First Tuesday of the month: deadline for submitting up to 1,000 items for potential discard for review by the Wisconsin regional depository library. Use the FDLP eXchange to submit items.
  • Items can be submitted to the FDLP eXchange for up to 21 days prior to this day.
  • The regional has up to 21 days (three weeks) from this date to review the item, and to decide whether to request the item from the submitting library, or pass on the offer.
  • Once the regional has passed on an offer, selectives in Wisconsin have up to 15 days to review the offers, and claim any items of interest.
  • At the end of the 15-day selective-review period, the offering selective can either
    • discard the publication, or
    • offer it to depositories nationwide using the FDLP eXchange. Selective depositories may select the length of time for which they want to offer items nationally.

 If any of the publications are sold, the money must be sent to the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC 20402.

2022 FDLP eXchange deadlines for Wisconsin

Deadline to submit-1st Tues of month Regional review deadline. The regional will review submissions by this date at the latest; it may pass or claim items earlier. Selective review deadline. The clock on this deadline starts once the regional has claimed or passed on an item. Selectives then have 15 days to claim items. 
1/4/2022 1/25/2022 2/9/2022
2/1/2022 2/22/2022 3/9/2022
3/1/2022 3/22/2022 4/6/2022
4/5/2022 4/26/2022 5/11/2022
5/3/2022 5/24/2022 6/8/2022
6/7/2022 6/28/2022 7/13/2022
7/5/2022 7/27/2022 8/10/2022
8/2/2022 8/23/2022 9/7/2022
9/6/2022 9/27/2022 10/12/2022
10/4/2022 10/25/2022 11/9/2022
11/1/2022 11/22/2022 12/7/2022
12/6/2022 12/27 1/11/2023
First Tuesday of month + 21 days + 15 days


Training Materials for FDLP eXchange

List of training resources from the Government Publishing Office, organized by members of the Wisconsin Discard Working Group.

No depository in Wisconsin wants your discards? Consider offering to organizations outside Wisconsin...

Offering titles nationally on FDLP eXchange

Wisconsin FDLs are not required to offer items nationally, but your library can choose to do so through FDLP eXchange.

GPO Digitization: GPO Needs Lists

The Government Publishing Office is actively digitizing content, with an immediate focus on adding historical, retrospective content to existing govinfo collections. GPO may accept materials from depository libraries for digitization. 

  • If your depository is weeding any of the titles listed on this libguide, and volumes are not claimed within your region, please contact GPO at If any of the materials meet GPO's digitization needs, GPO will cover the cost of shipping the material to GPO.
  • GPO's needs are also listed in FDLP eXchange, and will automatically match to any depositories that are offering nationally.

Report of the Wisconsin Discard Working Group

Full report of the Wisconsin Discard Working Group, including the recommendation to use the FDLP eXchange tool for the discard process.  Distributed on September 13, 2021.