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Information for Federal Depository Library Staff in Wisconsin : Professional Organizations

Links to state and federal resources of use to Federal Depository Library staff at Wisconsin libraries.


Wisconsin Library Association


Government Information Special Interest Group (GISIG)

GISIG (part of the the Wisconsin Library Association) serves librarians and other library staff who work with the information provided in all formats by government agencies at the local, state, federal, and international levels.

Membership in GIRT is open to any WLA member.

The GIRT blog is available for free; it features links to government publications, and news about government information librarianship. You can read articles from its predecessor, the newsletter Eagle Press, here.



GODORT's (part of the American Library Association) purposes are to

  • provide a forum for the discussion of problems and concerns and for the exchange of ideas by librarians working with government documents;
  • to provide a nexus for initiating and supporting programs to increase the availability, use and bibliographic control of documents;
  • to increase communication between documents librarians and the larger community of information professionals;
  • to contribute to the education and training of documents librarians.

Its official publication is Documents to the People. Much of the content is available online at no cost.

Membership is open to any ALA member. GODORT New and Prospective Members page.