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Information for Federal Depository Library Staff in Wisconsin : Tools for federal depository library staff

Links to state and federal resources of use to Federal Depository Library staff at Wisconsin libraries.


Documents Data Miner 3 (DDM2)

  • Developed and maintained by Wichita State University Libraries using data published by the Government Publishing Office.
  • You need to register for a free account to use this tool. 
  • Useful for:
    • Looking up what to select
    • Matching item numbers to titles, SUDOC stems, or issuing agency
    • Finding out if an item is active or inactive
  • One con of DDM3: Not updated as frequently as Item Lister, the GPO's tool.
New Item Number Notification
  • Guide written by Margaret Booth, UW-Madison Law Library, and Beth Harper, UW-Madison Memorial Library
  • Created April 2015
  • Information on using Webtech Notes and the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications to identify new item numbers, as well as troubleshooting information

GPO Site for Staff at Federal Depository Libraries

Federal Depository Library Logo

FDLP Desktop

The go-to website for depository library staff, published by the Government Publishing Office. It has all kinds of important tools, including, but not limited to:


FDLP gov functions cheat sheet

Shortcut on where to find the most commonly requested FDLP functions

Legal Requirements & Guidance

Legal Requirements/Regulations

In the second paragraph of the Regulations page, there's a link to download the PDF document Legal Requirements & Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program. This is where to start when you have questions relating to the fundamentals of the program.


  • Contains advice on how to comply with the FDLP regulations.
  • Based on broad topics and articles may reference multiple regulations.
  • Part of the FDLP Desktop

Contact Us--Federal Depository Library section (AKA Ask GPO)

  • Go here to submit a question about any aspect of depository operations.
  • You can search previously submitted and answered questions by using the search box on the right side of the page.

Cataloging & Processing

Learning SuDocs Call Numbers

  • Tutorial, from the Michigan State University Libraries Government Documents collection, designed to teach staff and student workers the SuDocs classification or call number system
  • Contains brief overviews of the SuDocs system, and links to more detailed explanations
  • Also contains an interactive quiz and shelving exercises

Cataloging Toolbox for U.S. Federal Government Information

Produced and maintained by the GODORT Cataloging Committee

GPO Cataloging Guidelines

From GPO; part of the FDLP Desktop

WebTech Notes

  • Users can search, browse, and view updates to SuDocs classification numbers and List of Classes information as they are made by GPO staff on a real-time basis
  • From GPO; part of the FDLP Desktop

Weeding and Discarding

FDL Discard Procedure and Lists for Wisconsin


GPO Guidelines for Weeding a Depository Collection

  • Part of the FDLP Desktop.
  • Among other topics, it covers the three ways depository material qualifies to be weeded from your collection.

Tools for New Depository Staff

FDLP Quickstart Guide

Eight (formerly 21) Things to Do When Assuming Responsibility for a Federal Depository Library

From the University of North Texas Libraries