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Open Educational Resources : Adopt, Adapt, Create and Finding OER Resources

Free online resources for students, teachers, and lifelong learners

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General Resources

Adopt. Adapt, Create, and Find OER Materials Overview

This section will help you find resources in order to find OER Resources, Adapt or Adopt them, or Create them from scratch. You'll also find links to where you can get Open Textbooks, Open Courses, and Open Lesson plans.

Finding OER Materials

Adopting or Adapting OER Materials

Create OER Materials

Lesson Plans

OER Videos

This video shows you how to efficiently search in repositories of Open Educational Resources.

David Wiley shows you how to efficiently use Google to search for Open Educational Resources. 

Elizabeth Mays shows you how to use Pressbooks to create a book. This is gives you a good look at the Pressbooks platform and an idea for what you could do with it when creating an open textbook. Pressbooks also allows you to embed H5P interactive activities into your book. 

Open Textbooks