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Open Educational Resources : Creative Commons Licensing and Copyright

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Getting started with Creative Commons Licensing and Copyright

Creative Commons Licensing Videos

A series of animations explaining Creative Commons Licensing that are targeted towards young people (upper high school level). Commissioned for the QUT Smart Train, produced by Blackbrow with animation by Pete Foley, and music and sound by Chris Perren. ​

Mayer and Bettle explain what Creative Commons is and how it works. 

A sequel to the Creative Commons Explained by Mayer & Bettle where the duo provides updated information on the Creative Commons and how to use Creative Commons Licenses. Joined by Flik, one of Bettle's Fans and now collaborator, the trio journey into the Creative Commons world. 



This video explains how Creative Commons licenses can be used in conjunction with commercial licensing arrangements.

This is a educational video on how to share downloaded digital content legally using Creative Commons licenses.