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Publishing your Research Article: Science and Engineering : Use ORCID Author Identifier

Use ORCID Author Identifier

An increasing number of publishers are requiring you to have an ORCID ID in order to submit your manuscript. Even if an ORCID ID is not required, there are many reasons to create one:

  • Reliably connects you with your contributions and affiliations
  • Saves you time – “enter once, re-use often”
  • Improves recognition for you and your research outputs
  • Increases discoverability of your research outputs
  • Alleviates mistaken identity
  • You own and control your record, managing what information is connected and how it is shared
  • More and more systems you already use are connected with ORCID
  • Free to register and use

This page provides resources on creating and managing an ORCID ID, as well as suggestions for other author profile management practices. 

Creating and Managing your ORCID ID

undefined  It is free and easy to sign up for an ORCID ID. After signing up, you can link to the UW-Madison institutional ORCID login, to connect to your NetID. In order to maximize the full depth of functionality of your ORCID ID you will need to a little bit of work up front (which will save you time later!)  

This site provides guidance for UW-Madison researchers in creating and maintaining an ORCID ID: