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Publishing your Research Article: Science and Engineering : Meet Public Access Requirements

Meet Public Access Requirements

This page provides resources on the following topics to help you comply with your funder's public access requirements:

  • Public Access and Funder Mandates
  • UW-Madison Public Access Compliance Services
  • Public Access vs. Open Access


Public Access & Funder Mandates

Some funding agencies require that published research results enabled by their grants be made available to the general public, usually on the internet. Public access mandates generally apply to journal articles whose publication is a direct result of research performed under the grant as well as to research data generated during, or as a result of, the research process (with some exceptions and limitations).

Below are selected resources to find specific information about federal funder requirements for articles and/or data. Please note that you should also visit the funder information pages directly. 

UW-Madison Public Access Compliance Services

UW-Madison provides services to help researchers comply with funder public access and journal requirements. Visit the links below for more information. 


NOTE: On August 25, 2022, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) issued a memorandum providing federal agencies with guidance on updating their public access policies. The implementation of new and updated agency plans will likely not go into effect until 2025.

Public Access vs. Open Access

It is important to note that Public Access is not the same as Open Access. Here are the differences:

Public Access:

  • Refers specifically to funder mandates to make research outputs accessible to the public
  • Research outputs must be placed in a specific repository

Open Access (OA): 

  • Publication is freely available online and often carries less restrictive copyright and licensing barriers than traditionally published works
  • Publishing in an OA journal does not necessarily meet a funder’s public access policy

Article Process Charges (APC's):  .

  • Neither complying with funder public access requirements nor publishing open access necessarily requires authors to pay a fee
  • Gold Open Access publications (in which the article “version of record” is made publicly available directly in the publisher’s standard website) often do require author fees, but not always
  • Many publishers routinely allow authors to make the “accepted manuscript” (post peer-review) version of the article available in a repository. This allowance enables both Green Open Access and enables authors to comply with their funder public access policies


  NOTE: See our Consider Open Access page for more information on open access publishing.