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Publishing your Research Article: Science and Engineering : Evaluate Journals

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Evaluate Journals

This page provides the following resources to help you evaluate the quality of a journal: 

  • Checklist of factors to consider when evaluating credibility of a journal
  • Avoiding predatory journals
  • Usage of Journal metrics

Use a Checklist of Criteria for Evaluation

Using a list of criteria helps you consider the myriad factors that go into evaluating the quality and appropriateness of a journal. The link below provides an excellent checklist for this: 


Avoid Predatory Journals

Some journals lack credibility and integrity, and operate for profit.These journals are commonly referred to as 'predatory journals.' It is impossible to make comprehensive lists of these journals. Using the Think Check Submit tool above will help you avoid untrustworthy journals.


This 2019 article from Nature provides a good overview of the nuances of predatory publishing: 

Find Journal Metrics

Metrics (such as the Journal Impact Factor) are frequently used to evaluate the quality of journals. The resources below can help you find journal metrics:

  CAUTION: Metrics are an imperfect measure of research impact. See our Research Metrics guide to learn more.