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Publishing your Research Article: Science and Engineering : Find Journals

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Browsing Journals by Subject

1. Choose a subject from the list or enter the name of a specific journal.

a. If browsing by subject, sort the list of journals by rank (from link, top right of results page).

b. If browsing a specific journal, note links to SJR data (SCImago Journal & Country Rank) and to related subjects.

Journal Selection

This page provides the following resources that you can use to find journals in your field:

  • Journal directories
  • Databases
  • Journal matching sites

When you are selecting a journal to publish in, also consider consulting with your research colleagues and mentors for suggestions. This is a common practice, and allows you to leverage the expertise of others in your field.

 NOTE: our Evaluate Journals page provides resources for evaluating the quality of a journal. 

Journal Directories

These journal directories index credible journals, and can be searched by topic: 

Databases (to Identify Journals in your Research Topic Area)

You can use databases to find journals that publish articles in your topic area using these strategies: 

  1. database keyword searching or searching by top author(s) in your field
  2. analyzing database results to see which journals are coming up in the results of the search

Databases that work especially well for this are Scopus and Web of Science: 

 NOTE: how to analyze results in Scopus
 NOTE: how to analyze results in Web of Science

Journal Matching Sites

Several publishers provide tools to help you match your research topic with a journal: